June 2014

Presentation for Samsung

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June 2014

A holographic presentation for Samsung



For the introduction of a new product to the Russian audience, Samsung asked us to create an experience beyond the usual, a concept of a unique and eye-catching presentation. We came up with an interactive holographic setup, a central element of which was a holographic image of a tablet.

Presentation for Samsung (1) Presentation for Samsung (2) Presentation for Samsung (3) Presentation for Samsung (4)



Concept of the presentation combined virtual models in a real space with live presenters. To create a holographic effect we used a technology better known as a Pepper’s Ghost, an extremely effective and impressive way of presenting large scale models that would otherwise be impossible to present within an indoor exhibition environment. A laser sensor installed in the reflection plane of the hologram registered all of the speaker’s movements. So that the presenter could position himself against the hologram, a special optical system had been developed that duplicated the holograms and presenters together in the real-time and broadcasted them via the reverse side of the gauze.

Presentation for Samsung (5) Presentation for Samsung (6)


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