August 2015

Interactive presentation for Samsung

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    New products presentation

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August 2015

Galaxy Note 5 smartphone and Gear S2 smartwatch launch


Interactive display

When launching a new product, companies want to impress the audience in every way possible. But for us new product launch is always a challenge as the deadlines are pressing and we get all of the materials a couple days before the Day X. We tried to get the most out of these last days. The virtual model was an exact copy of the real smartphone, and a laser sensor Radar Touch animated the display allowing the speaker to show its new features right on the virtual display of the phone.

Interactive display
Samsung Galaxy Note 5_1 Samsung Galaxy Note 5_2 Samsung Galaxy Note 5_3


Gear S2

The virtual model of Gear S2 smartwatch showed time and was responsive to touch. A speaker could move the watch around, switch over different interfaces and show its functions.

Gear S2
Samsung Gear S2_1 Samsung Gear S2_2 Samsung Gear S2_3


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